The Centrol Trader bot is the fastest bot on Discord & Telegram to view market prices for Equities and Cryptocurrencies price and market data.

Welcome to Centrol's Docs

Centrol Trader is a bot where you can pull real-time stock and crypto quotes.
You can also set price alerts to inform you when a security of your choice goes above or below a threshold like price, volume, or market cap amount.
And if you're really interested in the new and upcoming features, reach out to us at [email protected] to ask about testing our application!

Get started right away

The Centrol Trader bot is available on Telegram and Discord, click on the respective links below use the bot today:

Are you a developer?

The Centrol bots are open source so you can hack away and make changes on top of our message handler
We use Centrol-based API's for data retrieval, consult our API docs for more information on what's available
-> API Docs


Please reach out via our Discord community or email us at [email protected]